Validation is a way to prove competence

By ValidMaint you map formal, non-formal and informal competence in life long learning perspective

Your maintenance technicians are the key to success...
but do you actually know their competences?

In an ever faster-moving society, there is a need for fixed values and an ability to quickly adapt to an increasingly dynamic commercial environment. For maintenance this need manifests in a desire for a recognised educational/competence standard which forms the corner stone for modern maintenance technicians. Therefore, international standard requirements for maintenance were created and entered into a Validation Database called ValidMaint. This IT based system contains more than 2000 all-round questions coming from various disciplines, which forms the base on which ValidMaint is developed. The ValidMaint test provides advantages for both employer and employee.

The flexibility and adaptability to level, person or branch of activities, makes this program a very powerful tool both internally and towards other companies. With ValidMaint you're one step ahead!

Each Maintenance Manager knows that a successful maintenance policy depends entirely on the competence and attitude of the maintenance staff. ValidMaint allows you to assess their competences and, in consequence, to support training organizations to set up the right training program.